Greater Than Business Podcast – Episode 033


This is episode 33 of the Greater Than Business Podcast. And today we are going to be talking all about the quick ways that you can always be growing your list. So what I'm going to talk about originally was five strategies that you can use in your everyday encounters in order to grow your list. So it's not necessarily a massive strategy that you need to take on over a short course of time. It's rather a habit building things that you can do to build better habits. And by doing so you can build your list strategically over time. So originally I was going to give five quick tips, but it's kind of turned into five and a half or six tips. Um, I couldn't figure out which ones to cut off because they all kind of intertwined together and they all relate to tip number one, which is be visible and constantly share your content.

So what I'm trying to say here is that if you've got content, it's not doing any good. If you're not sharing it, you need to be sharing it often. You need to be sharing it with the right people. And you need to let people know that you just, you have it available out there, so by doing that you put yourself in a position to be the expert in your area. If you're constantly posting about several different topics that all relate to whatever you're an expert in, then word's going to kind of get around like things, travel and things, travel fast online, that little share button on all the social media platforms, it can be your, it's amazing how fast things can go. This is how things go viral is someone sees it, they like it, they share it. The people that they share it with, they all like it, they share it.

You've seen it happen a million times over online. It happens nearly probably tens of thousands of times a week online where something will go viral. Now, I'm not saying you're going to go viral. What I'm trying to say is that it's something as simple as that, and if you're not sharing, then how are you ever going to get that exposure? So be visible, share your content, but share it with a purpose. Don't just share content for the sake of sharing it, but share it in a way that makes sense. So if you see someone struggling with, um, I dunno how to grow their list and you have a resource that's out there, share it, don't share it in a spot where it will violate the terms of the group or whatever it is that you're in, but share it in a real meaningful way or just even share it on your own wall and reply to a comment.

Let's say we're in Facebook and you're in a Facebook group and someone is asking for help in a Facebook group, but you cannot post a link to your content. What you could do is always go in there and provide and give tips on how they can help. But then at the same time also post the link on your main profile page. Because if you are in fact being helpful, nine times out of 10, they're going to click on your profile. They're going to go check out who you are, they're going to try and find out if you are an expert and if you're someone that's credible and if they see that also shared on your homepage, then they'll know, okay, this person's credible. And then the click your content and once they click your content, then this is how you grow your list. Because step number two is always have a way to opt into your list on everything that you share.

So you may not have noticed this or you may have already noticed this, but in every single one of my podcast episodes, I have a way for you to join my list at the bottom of the show notes. And what I offer you is the ability to get more information on the topic of the podcast. So for example, this episode is all about list building. So at the bottom of my show notes page, which I'm going to plug it here. You can find it at now if you go there and you scroll down to the very bottom, you're going to see a, an opt in box and it's basically asking for your first name, your email address. And what it's going to do is unlock my library of list building tools and resources that I have personally created. Now, right now I don't have any thing available as of yet for list building, but it's coming.

So what it's gonna do is the moment that it's available, you're going to get an email letting you know that it is available for you and any time I ever create anything else related to that topic, you, because you're on my list, are going to be the first to know and you'll automatically have the content unlocked for you. Because what I do is I, how I, how's everything inside a portal? So it's basically a membership site, but it's for free opt-ins. So once you've opted in to the list building list, then you will get access to any content that I ever create for list building. So the reason that I do this is so that you don't have to constantly be opting into my list. And if you only want to hear about list building, then you'll only ever hear about list building and you'll be able to get access to anything and everything that I create.

So I'm basically eventually going to have a library of content in there of downloads and tutorials videos. Like anything that I want to put out there to help you build your list will be housed there. So that is my strategy on how I give out content. But that was just kind of an example. But the big thing that I want you to take away from step number two is that you should always have a way to opt in to your list and have that be at the bottom of every single post. Um, I actually have it in the footer of my website as well. So you can easily opt in. You don't need to look, for me personally, that is one of my biggest pet peeves. When I find somebody online and you always find them in very obscure places, like I'll be in a Facebook group and they'll post something and it just gets me and I want to join their list.

I want to hear from them and I want to hear more of what they're saying. But I go to their profile and I see a thousand pictures of their adorable children and their dog, but I can't find a way to join their list. So I go to their website and usually I just guess, and I'll type in their name and see if they own their domain. And if they do, then all check out their website. And sometimes if they don't, then I have to do a little bit more digging. And sometimes it gets really, really annoying when you can't easily find a way to follow someone that you want to follow. And because it's the online world and everything moves really fast and Facebook is a place where you can get lost very, very easily. Sometimes in the heat of the moment I'll want to follow this person, but 10 minutes later I'm distracted and I'll forget.

So if in that 10 minutes when I had time to be able to search for this person, it should have been really, really easy for me to be able to get on their list. And sometimes it is incredibly hard to find a way to opt in. So putting it on your website at the bottom of your footer doesn't, it may not look necessarily pleasing. A lot of people have steered away from allowing people to opt in on their homepage. But why not? Like it shouldn't be a shameful thing that you hide. If people want to follow you, they will follow you. They'll find a way. But you do have to make it easy. So if you have a way of putting your opt in at the bottom of your webpage, um, any of your blog posts, anything like that, please, please, please, please do it.

Because you are going to probably get more people on your list by doing that versus needing them to jump through 13 different hoops in order to find your list and trust me that that's not a good way of of list building. Um, okay. Number three for my quick tips is be genuine and actually help people. So this goes along with topic number one or tip number one and it ties in with being seen as an expert. So if someone is asking for help, go help them. You don't need to help them by sending them a link to join your list. You don't need to help them by saying that you have a free download or that they could hop on a call with you or whatever. Give them genuine advice as if it is a friend coming to you. Tell them exactly what you wish you would have been told at that moment in your life when you struggled with that same problem.

Because what's gonna happen is then you are going to be seen as the expert and if you are being seen as the expert, then once again they're going to try and find a way to follow you. They're going to try to find a way to get on your list. If you hit that button with them where you really truly resonate with everything that you're saying and the way that you're helping people. Remember that people remember genuine human connection and that is the best way to build your list is by building these relationships. So go out there, find people that are struggling and with issues that obviously you can help them with and then they will in turn, if you, if they do feel like you help them, they will support you, they will come around and they will join your list. And that is one of the easiest and best ways is just genuinely help people.

Now just to add a little bit of a side note there, don't go into groups that are not your own on Facebook. Don't hijack someone else's Instagram post and don't do it in a really inauthentic way. But if there's someone that is asking for help and you know how to help them, then within reason help them. And if they are just asking for a general statement like can anybody help me? Then go ahead. And if you are in someone else's Facebook group and someone's asking for help, but it's related to something that whoever owns that Facebook group teaches, then I wouldn't recommend jumping in there and helping because obviously they're asking the person who runs the group for help. So just be very cautious of what you're doing. Don't do it from an achy place. Don't try and hijack someone else's platform. But if you are somewhere where someone you follow on Instagram, let's say is asking for help, then jump in and help them and don't do it in an inauthentic way.

Do it as a way to genuinely help them. And if you get in a situation like that where you do genuinely help someone, other people will see that. And if they're struggling with the same thing, then you're going to get seen as well by those other people. So it goes both ways. You can get a lot of new people following you just by helping one person with one thing. So that is tip number three. Tip number four is it goes along with tip number two as well with always offer something with each opt-in and always after obviously they join your list. Then always deliver value to them based on that topic after they've joined your list. So the worst thing that you can do is after someone joins your list, then you just leave them high and dry on that topic. That's not what you want to do.

You want to still be helping them. So for an example, what I've done in my business is I have various different topics that you can opt in to receive content around. And then I have a an email marketing funnel that set up afterwards where they will get further value given to them and then after that they do get pitched to a product related to that topic. If I have a product available, if not, then they obviously won't get pitched into a product that doesn't make sense. But if I have a product available that will help them further in their journey, then I offer it to them and if they don't buy, then I don't just continue to leave them hanging and basically say, well, you didn't buy my offer so you're nothing to me. Of course I wouldn't do that. Well, what I do from there is monthly I will write an email specific to that topic and send it out.

So each month then I'm still providing them with value based on that topic and I'm kind of explaining different things that I wish I had have known or new strategies that I found based on that topic. Little things like that. So I'm constantly providing value for these people that have opted in for a specific topic, but I'm not doing it in a way that only leads towards sales. I'm doing it in a way so that I'm actually building up relationships and that is what, obviously the goal in my business is to make money. But the real human side of my goal in my business is to help you to do more, to be able to have more, be better in your life by using your business, making wise choices in your business that benefit your life, not sacrificing your life to grow a business that consumes you.

That is not my end goal here. So side note, little tangent there, but I'm going to stop and go back into tip number five. So tip number five is always encourage people to share your content and make it super easy for them to do so. So if you can make a short link and just say, Hey, this post I spent so much time on and I'm really hope it helps you and if it does, click this button here to share it or copy and paste this link and share it with your friends and just kind of always encourage that sharing and helpful mentality so that when you do hit somebody where they need to be helped, not hit them, but like when you really touch somebody and you help them in a way that they've never been helped before. Then of course, they want to share you with their friends.

Of course they want to share you with their business associates. So that is something that I highly recommend, but you need to also be very conscious of that when you're building out your content, make it easy to share, make the links easy to share. Um, encourage people to share. And obviously if even if you're doing like a, a content post, let people know that it's okay to share this. I want to spread the message. So yes, by all means, share, share away. Um, always make your posts if it's on Facebook or Instagram, make them, well I guess Instagram you can't, but have an open Instagram where you can share your content. And then also if you're doing it on Facebook, make sure that you schedule it to public if you want people to share it. Because if it's not public, then people can share it and it's going to pop up that little box that says this content is not available to everyone.

And to me that is the most irritating thing ever because even if the content is not relevant, the nosy side of me wants to know what that content was and why I'm not allowed to see it. So that's huge FOMO on my part. But anyways, that is just one of those things where if you can make it easy to share, then make sure that you're constantly doing that and that you are always aware of how you set things up. And that making it easy for people to share is going to the fastest way to grow your list by putting your content out there. The last quick tip that I want to talk about is always repurpose your posts or use a scheduler. So obviously when you're first posting it post organically because when you post organically to Facebook or Instagram or whatever platform you're using, Twitter, Pinterest, um, LinkedIn, any of those places online, always post organically.

But after that post, save it into a scheduler. So one of my favorites is meet Edgar. And what I do is I always will post my podcast episodes live and then throughout the week my podcast episodes and other content will get repurposed and shared in other ways. So if I post a post a Facebook and it does really well, then of course I'm gonna make sure that it becomes part of the rotation and I want to make sure that it gets auto published across all of my other platforms. So I use service called meet Edgar and I'll link that in the show notes and you can easily post across multiple platforms the same post or you can slightly tweak it. And then from there you can set up times for that post to go out. So I can make sure that every Tuesday that is when I do my social media scheduling for my organic posts.

And then after I post all those, I'll go and round up the ones from the last week and I'll put them into the scheduler. And the scheduler basically will post at times when I don't have any other content going out. So let's say for example, on Thursdays I don't have anything really happening, but I still want to be active on social media, but I know I'm not going to be in my computer on Thursday. So what I do is I'll schedule a whole bunch of posts on Thursday and then every Thursday I know that five posts are going to be posted and it's going to cherry pick them from old content. So I'm always going to be sharing. I'm always getting my stuff out there. Even older content, but old content to me and something I produced six weeks ago doesn't necessarily mean that all of my people that are following me have seen it.

So I am allowing them to remember that I have other content out there as well as letting them know in case they didn't see it the first time I posted. Because if you're posting constantly to Facebook or Instagram, you know by now that the algorithm is not your friend, it it tries, but it's just, it's not your friend and no matter how good your intentions are, no matter how nice you try to play with the algorithm, it's not going to show your post to everybody. So the more you can post it, then the more likely the right eyes are going to get on it. And then as I said, as you get your content out there, more people start seeing it, they view you as an expert, then they're going to join your list. So even though there were six quick tips there, they're all kind of related to one core thing and that is be visible.

Share your message, share your content. Make sure that you always have a way for someone to join your following or your list and keep it consistent and constantly be posting something. Don't go radio silent for weeks on end. Don't forget to email your list after they join and make sure that you are always producing content with the mindset behind it, that it can be shared to others. So always encourage sharing and make it super, super easy for your people to share it with their people. So that is this week's episode. Um, hopefully that will help you to think a little bit differently about your list building strategy and let you know that it doesn't have to be hard to grow your list just by implementing these simple little tweaks, you can start to rapidly grow your list or slowly grow your list over time and you will see a big improvement on your list numbers if you just implement these five-ish little steps.

So I hope that you enjoyed this episode. I will be back next week to talk all about how to generate organic traffic. So if you haven't already done so, please head over to the show notes I'll have everything that I mentioned listed there as well as a way to join my list if you'd like to. By getting access to all of my list building resources that I'm going to be creating, and I hope to see you there. If not, I hope that you enjoyed this episode regardless, and I can't wait to talk to you next week until then. Have fun. 

Greater Than Business Podcast – Episode 033



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