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This is episode 21 of the Greater Than Business Podcast and today we are going to be talking all about how online business can make you feel really alone sometimes. So back a few episodes ago I talked about the importance of having having a hobby outside of your business and that kind of sparked this conversation because I was getting a lot of feedback about that episode and I decided that it needed to kind of be addressed. Why it's really important to have that hobby outside of your business. It's because sometimes you can feel so alone in your online business. So yes, you have your online friends that you talked to you, you have your clients, you have your customers, you have your team that you work with. But in reality you're alone a lot of the time. Like I know for myself, I spend six to eight hours a day in a tiny office by myself staring at a computer screen and using Netflix as my only friend to keep me company so that I don't have to listen to the clock's ticking in the background.

So it kind of like gets to you after a while that you are doing this alone. Even if you have all of these friends around you on the, or basically on the internet or in the online world, you're still very much alone. You're not having that like ability to have a conversation. So I wanted to kind of take a minute to stress that. That is why I say it's super important to have a hobby outside of your business. One where you can go and actually meet new people and see people in person. Even if you are incredibly introverted, it's still a good idea to talk to people outside of your business space. And it's good to have friendships with people that share a common hobby that does not relate to your business so that you can actually kind of put yourself out there and not really remove yourself from your business.

But it gives you something to think about beyond your business. Because sometimes, honestly, you can get a little bit engulfed in everything that's happening in your business and you need to take that step away from it. So that is kind of what sparked this whole episode. And I wanted to kind of give you an honest perspective of how online business can make you incredibly alone. So if you're anything like me and you work from home in an office or at your table or wherever it is, you'll start to notice that the days will either go by incredibly slowly or incredibly fast. But regardless of how it goes by, you are alone the majority of the day. And I know for myself, I do have phone calls scattered throughout the day, but they're never, it's not like I'm actually interacting with people and talking about fun stuff. It's usually business, business, business, and sometimes you just kind of want to have a normal conversation.

Like if you think back to when you used to work in a nine to five job, you could have those breaks or even when you were in school, you always had like you worked when you were at your desk and then you had recess. And when you're in an office setting you can go to the lunchroom or you can go out for lunch with people. And at that moment, generally the work conversation stops and the fun conversations begin. But you can't really do that when you're in the online space because you are getting on phone calls with people in order to have like important and serious conversations. So you're not ever really getting that social interaction that you need as a human. Like we are very, very social creatures. And the more alone that you start feeling, then the worse you're going to start to feel about yourself, your business.

That's when if you're having a rough week, thoughts can spiral into like, Oh, why am I even doing this? Why do I want to keep running this business? And if you have something else to go to or do, then you can always snap yourself out of it a lot faster and you can feel better about yourself and your business just by taking that moment to go to the lunchroom, have a lunch break, do something, talk to someone about something else other than business. So I know for myself, I've made it incredibly important to talk to people outside of my business. So generally the people that I see on a day to day basis are other parents at my kids' sporting events or school. And those are kind of the only other people other than my husband and my family that I talk to on a daily basis.

So they're not necessarily friends because honestly just because your kids play on the same team doesn't mean you're going to be best friends with everybody, but you can still be incredibly nice and have conversations with people that you wouldn't necessarily have. You can get insight into their lives and at least have a conversation outside of your business so that you don't feel so alone in your business. So for me, that's what I do. It allows me to have conversations that are unrelated to my business. It allows me to get out of my introverted little bubble and almost force myself into social situations, which trust me, I don't want to be in them. I find it incredibly awkward talking to people. I'm sure it comes off that way. Um, for someone that hosts a podcast, it's funny, but I hate talking to people and it's always really funny because when people meet me and get to know me, they always say I talk so much.

And they always kind of jokingly will say to my husband like, Oh, does she ever stop talking at home? And it's actually quite funny because I don't talk a lot at home and obviously I talk a lot on this podcast because if I was sitting here and not talking, it would be a pretty lean podcast. So this is my, my venting area where I can go and say everything related to my business that I would say to a friend in business and this is where I can share lessons and things that I wish that I had have known way back when I first started. So I can easily and openly talk about that because I'm incredibly passionate about it. But when it comes to talking about things other than my business, that's when it gets tricky. So yes, I can talk about my kids, that's easy.

But trying to have a conversation with people that I don't really know is where it gets really, really hard for me. So I'm consciously trying to always push myself out of my comfort zone and have conversations with people that I don't necessarily have a lot in common with, but I just want to have some sort of interaction with them, number one. So that I don't feel like a horrible stuck up bitch because honestly, that's sometimes how I feel when I just don't want to get into social situations. And there's also, I don't know, kind of this, I, I feel obligated to talk to people when I'm out, but yet at the same time I get so nervous that when I start talking, sometimes I don't stop talking. So nerves come into play and then it just becomes, it kind of becomes a funny disaster because I'll start talking about things that I don't even know why I'm talking about them.

And yeah, it just, it becomes a funny situation. But what I'm getting at, what the point of this is is that I'm getting out there, I'm having conversations that I don't, I that I wouldn't usually have. I'm trying to put myself out there. I'm trying to not feel so alone, so at every chance that I can, I'm putting myself in a place where I that needed social interaction and I get those. Like even just the slight relationships built between people that I probably wouldn't talk to otherwise and honestly sometimes you can find really true and authentic relationships from that. Like, I don't know how many times I've actually made friends with people and after I've become really good friends with them, I've then realized like when I first met them they probably thought I was the hugest bitch in the entire world and it goes vice versa, nine times out of 10 I remember specifically one girl that I used to play baseball with and the first time I saw her go up to bat I looked at that check and I thought, Oh my gosh, you are just, you think you are something special and just her mannerisms at the plate and everything and I was so judgmental and so harsh and then I got to know her and realized that she is the nicest person and the reason why she approaches the plate that way is because she's always been super, super competitive and that even though we were playing in a fun league, she just can't shake that.

That's her routine. And it was so funny because the both of us, when we, after we became friends, we then kind of got in this conversation of how we both thought that each other was like the rudest person before we actually started talking. So it's funny when you put yourself out there, the relationships that you can build that will help make you feel a little bit less lonely. Expecially when, and this is why it is so important, but it's because we are alone for so many hours out of the day that we we need to, and it is so essential to find something that you can do outside of your business so that you will feel better about yourself, better about your business, make new friendships or relationships. Give your mind something to think about other than just work. And it will make your, okay. I dunno your soul feel better. I don't know how else to word that, but like you know how sometimes you just need that like a day of laughs or a really heartfelt conversation to just kind of like motivate you and take you into a place that just makes you feel better about life in general. Those types of conversations aren't going to happen in your head staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day. You have to go out and find those people. And that is why a couple episodes ago I suggested getting a hobby outside your business because you can find a hobby that you love. It can be a sport, something artistic, um, anything really. And it's just something that allows you to have somebody to speak to about a different topic other than work and your business and the online space. And that is kind of what I really wanted to get across this episode is that online business can make you feel alone.

And that is why you need to find some other way to not feel so alone. And if you're feeling alone and you want to have that water cooler lunch room conversation with people. Honestly the best thing that I found is create a mastermind with your friends in the online space and it doesn't have to be a mastermind. That's just kind of the word that we use, but I basically kind of view it as this is where we go and we set aside one hour a month to vent about our business, vent about our lives, talk about our lives, have fun conversations, and then we don't talk again for another month, but it gives us an out to talk about things that sometimes are not welcome to be talked about in the online space and it also gives us a chance to kind of form relationships. Yes, this call is done through zoom, so it's still on the computer.

It's not like we can go see each other because we live so far away, but at least it's something, it's some form of a conversation that's not about numbers and metrics and how are we going to drive traffic towards this webpage this month. Like things like that can be utterly draining. So we made a choice to have a fun mastermind where throughout the month we talk in Slack and we go through and say all of our business strategies and bounce ideas off each other. But when we get on the phone and actually have that personal interaction, that is when we get together, like friends that have been friends for the past 20 years and we shoot the shit we do like have the fun conversations and we basically just kind of let ourselves go and be real with each other. And if you don't have something set up like that, please email me and I will be happy to start another group.

I love to just have these conversations. Um, it honestly helps me fuel a lot of my podcast episodes because I get what people are struggling with. And the last two episodes came from these conversations, especially the one about needing a hobby outside of your business. And then this episode specifically, um, as well as last episode where we were talking about money because money always comes up in these conversations because it's important and no matter how much you try to pretend that money is not important, it definitely is. So that is what I wanted to just kind of put out there today that online businesses can make you feel alone and be very conscious of making sure that you don't feel alone. And if you do feel alone and you want someone to talk to, please email me. I am always here for my listeners, no matter how many of them or how many of you there are out there, I will always respond to emails that I get because you guys are my people.

I love that you sit down and allow me into your homes or ears or computers or whatever it is. I love that you welcome me each week and you allow me to share kind of the ins and outs of the struggles of online business and the successes of online business. And I really hope that you get a lot out of this podcast because I want to share with you both sides of it and I also always want to be stressing that things are always greater than your business. Anything out there should be greater than your business. Your business is a tool to allow you to live a better life and you need to basically never lose focus of that and always remember that you need things outside of your business because if you become an incredibly successful person in business and you have all the money in the world, but you have no one to share that joy with, then you're going to be really missing out on a lot of things.

So even though it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort to build up a really successful business, I also don't want you to neglect the small things in life, friendships, relationships, your children, your friends, your pets, your family, like everything. You need to always remember to keep those relationships strong because there will come a point where you are so unbelievably successful in business and you're going to want to be able to share those successes with the people that really, really matter to you. And if you don't have any of those people in your life, find them. They're out there and I can promise you that they might even be in your tribe of followers right now. So if you put yourself out there, you will attract those people. And if you can form genuine friendships with them, you will be so happy with yourself.

So anyways, that episode was definitely something I had to get off my chest. Something that I had to clarify about why I said that having a hobby outside of your business is incredibly important. And why? I wanted to let you know that if you do feel alone in the online space, you're not alone in feeling alone. You have people around you that are equally as alone as you and reach out, have those conversations. And if you want to have other relationships outside of your business, go find them. Trust me. It'll be worth it in the end. So I hope that you ha are having a great week. I am going to be back next week to let you know all of the secrets to getting ahead when you fallen behind in your online business. So I can't wait for next week. I hope that you enjoyed this episode and I really hope that you are having a great week and I'll talk to you soon.

Greater Than Business Podcast – Episode 021



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