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This is episode 20 of the Greater Than Business Podcast. And today we are going to be talking all about money, specifically kind of a money mindset thing, but mostly about how money makes things possible and how that when you were a child you were probably conditioned to believe that money is a bad thing. So people that you perceived as rich must be rich because they've done something bad or their parents do something bad or they've had it easy their entire life or they do they, they don't, they didn't actually earn the money that they have. It just was given to them. So I'm not sure where this comes from, but I know the vast majority of people feel that way until they get their money mindset in check. And that is definitely something that I have had to work on. I didn't grow up poor, but I didn't grow up rich necessarily.

I, I think that everything when I was growing up was kind of like he paycheck to paycheck, paycheck situation. However, like the paychecks were decent, so it wasn't necessarily a bad situation, but it was definitely one that kind of stuck with me. So I always believed that money was hard to get. Money wasn't easy. People that had money were generally perceived as rude in my mind where they were always expecting something more. So if they went somewhere because they had money, they felt like they should get perks. And I've heard multiple times, especially back when I used to work at a hotel and when I used to work in retail, you would always get people that were perceived that they had a lot of money and they would always treat you bad as a service worker. And they would always say things like, do you even realize who I am?

Well, no, and I really don't care. Like I, I guess I kinda developed a really good mindset for that back. I was working for a corporate retailer and they always used to have management staff come in and when the management staff would come in, all of a sudden all of the management in our store would put on this basically this perfection act of how great they are and like start having small talk with the employees and just look so cheesy and like they were kissing the managers ass. Like it was embarrassing and I never really fell for that. I just treated them like I would treat anybody else. And when they came over, like I didn't all of a sudden make it look like I was working a lot harder than I usually would or make it look like I was doing something. And a lot of those days they wouldn't allow us to do anything that was messy when the upper management was there.

So like I couldn't clean out cupboards or like do anything that would actually be productive while I didn't have clients in the store or customers in the store. So I guess that kind of reverts back to the whole money mindset where you perceive that your managers must have more money than you, so you need to put on some sort of a show in order to please them. And back in those days, I just wasn't having any of it. It might've been the fact that I was an early 20 something and just didn't give a crap about these people. And ideally I really didn't like the managers that worked directly above me and I really didn't like the way that they acted on the days when upper management would come in. And that definitely affected my money mindset for a while, but yet it also helped it because I didn't pay into that.

I didn't, I didn't subscribe to that mindset of these people are better than me. I've done the same with celebrities when I meet them in person. Yes. Obviously there's a moment of fan girling of, Oh my gosh, I just met you. But then there's like a, but I like you because you've done this for my life. It's not because you're famous. It's not because you've done something that makes like definitely I think you are a phenomenal person and I'm excited to meet you, but it's not because you're famous. Like I get fan girls over people that are just normal people, but if they've touched my life in some way, then definitely I fan girl over them. But it goes kind of back to the way that you were raised and the way that you perceive value in people and the way that you perceive value in money and the way that you think about money.

So in the online space, I see a lot of people that view money as a bad thing. Like if you're talking about your numbers, then you're arrogant or your cocky or you're lying about numbers. I am always, I'm pretty much an open book when it comes to money, but I'm not gonna tell you straight up like how much money I'm making. If I ever use numbers like hard numbers, like I say, I had a $10,000 a month, I'm rounding that and I'm not giving you full, full facts. And that is only because I don't want to contribute to your money story. So I'm not trying to hide anything from anybody. I'm an open book when it comes to pretty much everything. The only thing that I don't want to publicly put out there is money. And the reason why is solely because I don't want that to be a reason why you perceive me as successful.

I want you to perceive me as successful because of how I've helped you, and if you perceive me as successful and you want to be like me, then that is what I want to help you with. But I don't want it to be a monetary thing that you're putting on a pedestal in relation to me. So when I see people that say that they've made $1 million in a month, then I'm like, awesome, that is so great for you, but I want to know what you did to do that million and then I will see if that's worth following. It could be you made $100 this month, but if you made that hundred dollars doing something that I really, really value, then I'm going to put you up higher on the pedestal. So money is not a bad thing. It's not something that you should use to judge people one way or the other, but use it as kind of your gaging point for how you perceive yourself as well.

So you want to make sure that you're consciously aware of how you think about money and how you treat money because money is not bad. Money just makes more things possible. So I've often heard that the root of all evil or money is the root of all evil. And that's a common saying. And honestly, if you look at the world on a grander scale, then yes, money is a huge factor in a lot of the negativity that's out there. And I think that if people just realize that there's enough money out there that all of us can have some, as long as you work your ass off to get it and you're doing the right things in order to get it, then you can have that money as well. You don't need to go steal from someone or like run some sort of a scam or do something illegal to get the money.

But once you get it by doing something that you love, then your money mindset will shift and then you'll realize all the things that are possible. And that's kind of the main point that I want to get across in this episode is that money makes things better if you choose to use it that way. So my business can get better, the more money that I bring in because then I can spend more money to make my business grow more. So it kind of becomes a chicken versus the egg scenario where you need more money in order to make your business grow. But in order to make your business grow, you have to get more money. But if you kind of throw that out the window and you just think about if I can just get a little bit to get started, once I get that little bit, I'll get a little bit more and then a little bit more and then a little bit more.

And then once I have enough, then I can invest in something to accelerate my growth. And it also will help your life as well. So I know a lot of people say money can't buy happiness, which honestly it can't. You could still be miserable with $1 million sitting in your bank account waiting to be spent. You could go spend that million dollars on a whole bunch of things that you think will make you happy and it won't. You have to work on yourself first. Make sure that you're doing something that you love. Make sure you're surrounded by people that you love. And if you don't have any people in your life like that, then you need to go find some. You need to build those relationships. You need to build yourself. You need to put your value in yourself and not in the relationships around you as well.

So that even if those relationships leave, you can still value yourself in a way that is better and no amount of money is going to change that. But money is going to help you be able to do a lot of really fun things with those people. And money's going to help you be able to, maybe if you get out of a happy place in your life and you want to feel better, money can accelerate that process for you. So the same as your business. So even though money can be viewed as such a negative thing in your life, I really want you to start thinking about money in all the ways that it can help you, the ways that it can better your life, the ways that it could better your business, the ways that it could benefit relationships, the ways that it could relieve stress.

Money should be there to relieve stress, not to cause stress. You should always, as I said in the profit first episode, which was way back in episode 15, you need to always be saving your money as well because then you won't have stress and negativity around money if you always have that nest egg saved or your profits saved and you'll always have kind of that cushion so that you'll have that runway that if something goes wrong, then you've got certain amount of dollars saved so that you, you kind of know how long you have to make it right and you've always got that plan B in your pocket. And having an emergency fund is honestly for those emergencies. So you don't need to view is every piece of money that you get you spend, you can view it as I spend enough to better myself, better my life, do the things that I want to do without a care in the world.

But you also need to remember to save. So don't go out and buy 10 expensive cars just because you can, when in a month you're not really sure what you're going to be doing or selling in order to recoup that money. So keep that in mind. Basically what I really, really wanted to stress this episode is that money is a good thing. Money is a good goal to have in your business. It's something good to strive for, but it's not everything. And you can't attach your worth to your wallet. You can't always make money be the determining factor on if you're successful. And this goes back to episode 17 where I was talking about defining success on your own terms. If you don't want $1 million in your bank account to define your success, then don't allow it to. But if you want $1 million in your bank account because you think that that would be something fun, then go for it.

But don't tie it to your success if you are not in a great space in your mind in order to be able to do that. So I think I've covered everything that I wanted to cover in this episode. I basically just kind of want to have a very open and frank conversation about money and that you can use it to better yourself, better your business. It doesn't need to be perceived as something bad. If people don't openly share with you their numbers, that doesn't mean they're hiding something. Sometimes if they do openly share their numbers with you, that doesn't mean they're hiding something. It doesn't mean they're lying. It doesn't mean anything. It's just their choice, their personal choice on what they're choosing to say, what they're choosing to share, and then it's up to you to evaluate on. If you think that that person can back it up with what they're saying and that should go with everything in life.

If someone says that they have an amazing course out there that can change your life, then you need to do your due diligence to make sure that, yes, okay, this course is right for me. I will do the work, I will take the action and I will get it completed. And then hopefully by the end of it I will see those results. So money is the same way. You need to make sure that you're thinking about it, that you can switch your mindset to believe that money is a good thing. Money can change your life. Money will make things that you would never even imagine possible in your life, but it doesn't need to determine your self worth, your value or your level of success. Those are things that only you can control because you are in charge of defining your own success. You are in charge of determining how you want to spend your money, how you want to make your money, and how you want to feel about money.

So take a step back. Really think about money today. Think about all the ways that you make it, how happy it makes you feel. Think about all of the good that you can do in the world with that money. Think about all the good you can do for yourself with that money. Think about all the good your business will have from money and try to remove all of those negative things about money that even I talked about at the beginning of the episode. Remove all of those negative thoughts and only think about the good that money can bring. Don't worry about other people's perception of your money because that's not their business, that's your business, not theirs. And you need to really, really dig deep and build that better relationship with money so that not only you can bring in more of it, but when you do bring in more of it, you know that you're not going to relate that back to your happiness.

Relate that back to your value and relate that back to your level of success because that is not what the purpose of money is. Money is to help you get to those places and accelerated a little bit faster, but it should never ever be the determining factor of those things. So I hope that you got a lot out of this episode. I know this one was a little bit different than usual, but I'm trying to kind of cover all of the random topics that come up in my head on a day to day basis and I want to just kind of talk about them because I don't feel like there's honest conversations about a lot of things happening in the online world and I know money is a huge one. So as I've mentioned before, I have a couple of money resources that I will link in the show notes.

I want to make sure that you guys really understand money mindset and how you can kind of reframe money conversations. So if you're looking for those, you can find them and everything will be there for you. And I hope that you really got a lot out of this episode. Please email me my email address is You can always find a link for that down in the show notes and honestly I can't wait to hear from you guys. I know that money is such a great topic and all of you have so many viewpoints on it. So I'm looking forward to diving into my inbox and I hope that you guys have a great day and I will talk to you next week.

Greater Than Business Podcast – Episode 020



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