In this episode, I talk all about how sometimes you need to hit CTRL + ALT + DELETE on your day, just to reset to make sure that you are mentally in the good place. 

Being an entrepreneur is tough, and you are always battling an inner voice that will always tell you that you are behind, or not doing enough. Sometimes you need to ignore that voice and take time for yourself and mentally reset.

This is super important to understand that you need to be mentally in a good place, in order to succeed in business and that sometimes things will get tough and if that happens, you need to have a way to reclaim your mental health and get yourself back to that good place in your life and your business.

Ready to listen? The link is above for you to enjoy!

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My Top Three(+) Books for Resetting My Mindset:
Girl, Wash Your Face,
Girl, Stop Apologizing,
How to Stop Feeling Like Shit,
You Are a Badass,
Pick Three,
You Are a Badass Every Day,
Self Coaching 101,
Playing Big,
The Goddess Revolution,
52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life,
Get Over Your Damn Self,

Best Self Products for Changing my Mood and Getting to a Better Place:
Wordsmith Deck,
Decision Deck,
Dot Journal,
The Self Journal.

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