I often get approached by entrepreneurs who are looking to build a funnel, create automation or start a stream of “passive income” in their business. Usually, they are coming from a state of burn out and at their wit's end. They have a following. They have a proven offer that sells but the rest of their business if often just has a “throw shit at the wall” type approach. While that does work, surprisingly, it’s a lot of work and a lot of uncertainty, and a lot of throwing and failing.

While failing is a part of growth and one of the most important parts of being an entrepreneur. It is also essential that while you learn from your mistakes and failures, you also need to learn from your successes. This is often something that is overlooked. If you have something that has proven to be a success, then you need to automate that. You need to take that success and multiply it. Or else you’ll just be in that same cycle over and over again.

This is where marketing funnels can be the biggest game changer for your business.

Marketing funnels allow you to take a successful offer and sell it through a system. An automated selling system. But the trick that makes marketing funnels more effective is the structure. Where you focus on building the relationship with your lead vs just selling to them.

Let me just say this now, you’re in business to make money while helping people. You want to build up a real relationship with each lead. Communicate with them and learn their issues. You want to hold their hand and help them reach their goals. But you also want to have your own life and live out your own dreams. A marketing funnel is exactly how you will do that.

A marketing funnel focuses more on the lead gaining value and less about the sales, but because of the value and help you are giving to your leads then turn into clients and customers. They are also more likely to be repeat buyers and people who will refer you to their friends as well. Leads are more than just leads. They are people. In the online space, I see many people lose sight of that and even though they are successful for a period, their business often isn’t sustainable. You need to remember that sales are not the most important thing. The people are. When you build that relationship with your leads over time they will turn to sales.

Marketing funnels are a long term strategy for steady and consistent business growth. If you know your market and you’ve created an offer that sells all you have to do is build out a marketing funnel and then scale and monitor it to take your business to the next level.

Marketing funnels allow you to have more freedom in your life and business so that you can still be making money, but it takes you off the treadmill of the unknown. Predictability and consistency allow you to scale and grow. Growth allows you to help more people and ultimately reach all of your business goals.

Usually, the biggest thing that holds people back is that they don’t even know where to start when it comes to creating a marketing funnel. They don’t know what they need to have in place before they get started. They don’t know how to communicate after someone enters the funnel. Lucky for you, I have created a step by step guide to show you exactly how my team and I have been doing them for years. With great success.

If you’re ready for more freedom in your life and business then I suggest that you download the guide below.

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