I want to try something with you today.

Grab a piece of paper and your favorite pen, and I want you to write out a few numbers for me.

1. Write out the dream income that you wish that your business could generate in a month. This is a big number. The income number that is scary, but something that would make all of your monetary dreams come true. If you're feeling scared about this number then you have the right number. If you are not scared, then you likely picked an easy and achievable number. I want you to reach for the stars here. GO BIG. There is not wrong answer, and you won't fail. It's just between us.

2. Now I want you to write out the absolute minimum number that you need to make to survive. This number should be the number that you'd be happy making only because it would cover all of your bills and expenses, but doesn't really provide too much leftover money.

3. Now I want you to pick a number in the middle of both of those numbers. Try to get it as close to the middle as you can, so you really have a nice range of numbers.

Your piece of paper should now have 3 numbers and look a little something like this:
1. $75,000/month (Best)
2. $10,000/month (Good)
3. $35,000/month (Better)

These numbers are meant to give you a general idea of what I want you to do. If your numbers are higher or lower, that is totally fine. This is YOUR business and your numbers, so you need to be happy with them.

Next, I want you to do a little math with each number. I want you to take each number and divid them each by the following numbers.

1. 200
2. 500
3. 1000

I will continue to use my example numbers above to show you what you should be looking at.

$75,000/200 = 375
$75,000/500 = 150
$75,000/1000 = 75

$10,000/200 = 50
$10,000/500 = 20
$10,000/1000 = 10

$35,000/200 = 175
$35,000/500 = 70
$35,000/1000 = 35

Above you will see the bolded numbers. Those numbers represent the number of core offers you would need to sell in a month to reach your desired monthly income. The numbers that we divided by would be the cost of the core offer. $200 would be a lower ticket program, whereas a $1000 would be a signature program with a higher ticket price.

Obviously your numbers will be different than mine, but I am sure that you can see with just a little bit of effort you could be hitting your goals, and maybe even hitting your big scary goal.

Now, there's one last thing that I want you to do. I want you to have a clear expectation of what type of results marketing funnels typically produce. Because these are only set up once, and then monitored closely with tweaking, you will typically have a lower conversion rate than when you launch something live.

I want you to calculate a rough number of people who would need to pass through your funnel in a month in order to hit your goals. Generally a normal conversion rate for a marketing funnel is only 1%, but I have seen them perform as high as 10%. For the sake of being as real with you as possible so the math we are going to do now will be done with a 1% conversion rate. So take your calculations from above and I need you to multiply each bolded number by 100.

$75,000/200 = 375 x 100 = 37,500
$75,000/500 = 150 x 100 = 15,000
$75,000/1000 = 75 x 100 = 7,500

$10,000/200 = 50 100 = 5,000
$10,000/500 = 20 x 100 = 2,000
$10,000/1000 = 10 100 = 1,000

$35,000/200 = 175 100 = 17,500
$35,000/500 = 70 100 = 7,000
$35,000/1000 = 35 x 100 = 3,500

Now, take a deep breath, because I know you're probably crying right now because you have a small list, or those numbers just made you get really, really overwhelmed. BUT, I have to tell you a little secret, and I promise it will make you feel better about all of this.

You can't expect to make your dream income, from just one funnel or income source.

By creating a marketing funnel, you can free up your TIME so that you can focus on other revenue generating tasks in your business, while your funnel will quietly bring you in sales.

You can also rinse and repeat this process so that you have multiple funnels running in your business and all of them can be generating income.

Just imagine for a second that you have 5 funnels set up and each funnel has half of the numbers above going through it on a monthly basis. Think about how much of a difference that would make in your business? In your life?

I bet it would be pretty substantial.

Are you starting to see the possibilities now?

Marketing Funnels are not the magic pill for your business that will produce immediate results and generate your dream income, but they can be an integral part of your business that drives up your revenue and allows you to have more of your time back in the process.

If you're serious about getting marketing funnels set up in your business I would suggest that you take a look at the FunnelFlow Framework. It's our signature Marketing Funnel Course where we literally show you the exact strategy that we use in our business, as well as the clients that we work with.

This course builds off the Marketing Funnel Guide, but we guide you through the entire process. Step-by-step in much more detail. We also walk you through the method and strategy and explain why we have things set up in a certain format, and why you should do the same. This takes the guess work out of it, and allows you to actually implement and get shit done.

If you haven't already I would suggest that you click this button below to download your copy. Go through it and then email me back if you have any questions, and when you're ready FunnelFlow Framework will be there to accelerate your funnel building process!

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