In this episode, I am sharing resources that can help you to become a better advocate and ally to the Black community during this time, and more importantly moving forward.

This is not about business, this is about humanity and I am trying my best to share as many helpful resources as possible. I wanted to encourage everyone to educate themselves and I know that I can do my small part by sharing as much as I can here on this podcast.

I fully understand that this is not enough, but I am committed to being better, learning and growing, and I encourage you all to do the same.

Ready to listen? The link is above to listen, but all of the resources are below for you.

Important Links

While I have been searching and actively looking for resources, nothing is better than what is found on this Google Document. Please read it and start doing the work today.

Anti-Racism For Beginners 

This is the main document with ALLL of the resources you need to educate yourself. I have listed a few of my favorites below as well. Please refer to this document for more updates 🙂

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