Somewhere along the way, I got lost.

I started my first business, back in 2009 as a way to be at home with my children. Be accessible to them. Be there for everything, and also because I had a few trust issues I needed to work through before I was going to be able to trust anyone to care for my son again. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I will share more in another post)

After a few years of running that business, I was working 12 hour days, for very little pay, and the business was literally taking over my life, and my house. I was getting severe anxiety and just generally feeling that it was time to leave that business and start something new.

In October of 2014, I found something new and started building what is now Flow Automation. However, it didn’t come easy. Around October 2016 I started to get this feeling that something needed to shift, something just wasn’t right anymore with my business and it’s direction. Something wasn’t clicking anymore. A business that once brought me so much joy, was now killing my spirit.

I started to plan my business shift, but it wasn’t until October of 2017 when I was finally able to pinpoint the exact issue. (Side Note – after writing this all down, I can now see that all of my biggest business shifts and changes have all come in October. It must be a good month for me.)

Anyways, in October 2017 I went to an event in San Diego. While I was at this event I knew that I had to make some big changes, and what I would take away from this event would essentially make or break me. Not just my business, but for me. It was at that event that I realized everything that I was doing wrong. Everything that needed to be made right, and everything that I was missing out on.

I started to see that even though I started my business with the best of intentions to make a better life for my family and kids, those were the very people who I was neglecting.

I built my business to serve clients, and me being the “people-pleaser” felt that that meant that I had to answer to them 24/7. Sacrifice sleep, work till midnight, wake up at 4 am. Always be on-call. I never enjoyed a weekend without my phone or computer and became dependant upon those devices. I lived in a world of fear. Fear of disappointing people, fear of missing something. Fears that I had no control over, but it would always seem that without fail, things would happen in the 5 minutes that I put my phone on silent to have a conversation with my husband or children.

I created my own business, and I became a slave to it. It wasn’t my business at all, it was 7 different part-time JOBS.

I realized that over the last 2 years, I was never really present for my children or my husband. I was always in a state of work. If I wasn’t actually working, then I was thinking about it. Stressing about it. Dreading it. It consumed me.

While all I wanted to do was be with them, I wasn’t.

I had to make a change.

Now I know what you’re thinking… “set boundaries with your clients”. That would have been an easy solution, but it was going to be hard, and not something that I could have mentally handled in that place in time. I was literally falling apart and I didn’t know how to kill the beast that I had created.

Eventually, after nearly another year, I finally was in a place to set those boundaries. It happened because I was at a breaking point in my life, and for my sanity, it needed to be done. It wasn't perfect, it wasn't ideal, but I did it.

It wasn’t until I set boundaries with my clients that I realized how little I was actually valued by some. I was nothing more than a number. Someone who sacrificed my time with my children to build their dreams and their business. Here I am asking for set hours and weekends off and being treated like I was asking too much. I sent out that email, shaking. I knew it was going to end poorly for me and it did. I lost over 50% of my clients by asking for a little bit of freedom.

I was asking for this freedom not to spend time on the beach and relax but so that I could spend time with my kids and my husband on nights and weekend, without needing my phone or computer.

I was asking for this time so that I could stop neglecting myself.

You see this whole shift happened when I was at the hospital and got some really scary news. Without getting into too many details, I knew I needed to make a shift.

I set the boundaries and a few of my clients showed their true colours and couldn’t adapt to the request I had made. Looking back on it now I wished I hadn’t of wasted those years with them and focused on growing Flow Automation. Every late night, missed birthday party, and school event that I couldn’t attend would have been easier to justify if it was for my business growth. But it wasn’t.  

It was to build up businesses for people who didn’t even value my health. Me as a person. The time I needed to spend with my family.

This was the catalyst that I needed to switch up my whole business model.

It was a blessing.

I was able to free up some time to grow my brand. Make my business a priority and become a teacher instead of a people pleaser.

The only people I please now are my students and my family. I work when I want and I am there for my children.

I am writing this now to explain to you my ‘why'. Why I do what I do. Why I am who I am. Why we are the people to trust when you’re burning out.

I know how to escape the impossible. I know how to create more time. I know how to teach you to breathe and get through anything. I’ve been there. I’ve struggled. I’m still here. I’m still standing. I’m thriving.

Now that I have rambled on enough about where I came from I want to share with you a few things.

If you’re working too much and your business is suffocating you. I can help.

There are a few things you can do immediately to free up some time and generate more money in your business.

The main area I want you to focus on is building out a marketing funnel.

Find or create a product that you know you can sell via email to cold traffic.

The product needs to be something that will provide a quick win and something that you can write an email series around.

It needs to be something you’re passionate about and something that your market not only needs but wants.

If you need more help setting up a marketing funnel I have a guide that walks you through everything in detail.

You can grab your copy here.

Once you have your marketing funnel up and running your business will start to generate income and then you don’t have to worry about the next sale, the next client and you can step away. Not fully step away but you will be able to move onto other tasks in your business to generate more income. From there you can rinse and repeat this process over and over again until you have several income generating funnels and all you have to do is work towards driving the right traffic into the funnels. This will give you the freedom you want in your business and life.

So what are you waiting for?

Download the guide now.

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